Investing in the future from the KWPMP (The Concordian)

The Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program (KWPMP) is an investment training initiative that allows eight to 10 students to manage a $2.5-million portfolio every year. Although the students—called fund managers—have control of the portfolio for the calendar year, there are measures in place to hold students and their investment decisions accountable. Each fund manager is responsible... Continue Reading →

CSU branch pushing for fee levy increase (The Concordian)

Concordia Food Coalition seeks to make food services financially sustainable, student-run In May 2015, Concordia University awarded Aramark Corporation the school’s food services contract, which made the company the main provider of food services on campus. Aramark was brought on with the promise of providing more vegan and fair-trade options over five years, with the... Continue Reading →

CSU survey: Financial security leads to better grades (The Concordian) Council also debates CREM endorsement, increased funding for First Peoples Week The consensus was clear at the last Concordia Student Union (CSU) council meeting: financial security seems to lead to higher grades. A review of the May 2017 General Undergraduate Survey at the latest CSU council meeting revealed that for every $1,000 of debt,... Continue Reading →

THE LADDER – Connor Gottfried: ‘Hard work is fun. That might sound nerdy, but that’s what I love’ (Special to the Globe and Mail)

Connor Gottfried, 40, earned a mechanical-engineering degree from the University of Calgary and gained 13 years of experience in the field before launching the eLearning development company, Leara, in 2012. Since then, Leara has amassed a clientele that includes NASA, ATCO and Marriott Hotels. Mr. Gottfried is chief executive officer. When I was 19, my high-school vice-principal (Cam... Continue Reading →

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