Building a starting line-up from the top one-season wonders in Edmonton Oilers history (The Nation Network)

The goal is simple: to build the best possible 5-players-and-a-goalie starting lineup out of players who only stuck around for one season with the Edmonton Oilers.

I’m not going to impose too many rules or restrictions on the construction of this roster. The players I’m looking for played at least the majority of the season they were on the team, and I’m not really concerned with having the traditional LW-C-RW LD-RD format. Forwards are forwards and defenders are defenders. Also no active players, because there’s always a chance they could end up back in Edmonton (did someone say Milan Lucic comeback tour?). Besides that, I’m just going to build a starting lineup and hope that it looks somewhat decent.

Unfortunately for me, it turns out a lot of players have played for the Oilers over the years, 567 actually. As you’re going to see, there were some quality players that have donned the Oilers jersey for a single-season, but the middle of the pack players were more difficult. Do I choose the fan favourite, or go with the guy who was more productive? Decisions, decisions.

But here we go, the definitive list of the best one-season wonders to ever play for the Edmonton Oilers.

Read more here

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