The Oilers have a shot at the first overall pick because the NHL is really weird (The Nation Network)

Welcome to the hell dimension! A place where cats bark and dogs meow. A place where The Big Bang Theory is on season 37.

It’s also a place where the NHL continues to make bizarre choices to complicate every single aspect of their league.

The latest proof is the draft lottery that took place last night, where somehow, the NHL backed itself into a weird, confusing, and overall just chaotic corner. The Detroit Red Wings, off the back of one of the worst seasons in NHL history held a 18.5% chance of winning the first overall pick. They’ll draft 4th overall. The Ottawa Senators were counting on the first-round pick from the Sharks to give them one of the top two picks and they held a 25% chance of winning the lottery. They’ll now draft 3rd and 5th overall. I know that lots of great players are drafted in the top five, but damn, just another sting to the backs of two franchises at rock bottom.

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