Why Some Calgary Music Artists are Crowdfunding Their Musical Projects (Avenue Magazine)

Calgary artist Daniel Bennett (aka Transit22) and local band Outlaws of Ravenhurst have both used Kickstarter campaigns to fund new albums.

Daniel Bennett, better known by his stage name Transit22, has been a part of the Calgary hip-hop scene for almost a decade. He was even a finalist for the city’s poet laureate position in 2012. As an independent artist, coming up with the money to produce his music has always been a struggle — his debut album was even titled “Insufficient Funds.” But Bennett’s latest album, Dark Day // Good Morning, marked the first time in his career he didn’t have to worry about how to pay to make an album.

In May of 2018, Bennett started a Kickstarter campaign with a $6,000 goal, and ended up raising $15,489. “I was blown away,” he says. “I took the whole experience really seriously. I made a point of reaching out to fans and talking to them. Not just a generic copied-and-pasted message — I tried to personalize it. It helped me raise funds, but also connect with people.”

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