U SPORTS women’s hockey peaking at professional, national team level as sport reaches 20th anniversary (U Sports)

Highlights from the USports vs Japan game during Hockey Canada's Summer Showcase at Winsport's Markin McPhail Centre in Calgary, Alberta on August 11. 2018.

The competition has never been greater – with five different teams in as many years capturing the U SPORTS national championship – and the opportunity for a new team to contend is real.

As the seconds ticked off the clock, Katherine Purchase raised her hands in the air, and celebrated the moment with her teammates.

Except this time, the logo on the front of the goaltender’s jersey wasn’t that of the Concordia Stingers.

“The big advantage we had was that we could rally around the U SPORTS identity,” says Purchase, one of four Stingers that played for the U SPORTS Women’s Hockey All-Stars this past summer – the most of any of the nation’s 34 programs. “There are some girls (on this team) who are the future of Canadian hockey. U SPORTS has good teams, good players, and I think we proved that.”

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