CSU wants student input on policy changes (The Concordian)

“Unfortunately, the administration didn’t meet with us for several months. They kept rescheduling our meeting, and by the time they met with us, it was after the allegations had come out,” she said, adding that the meeting only lasted about 30 minutes, and the recommendations didn’t seem to be a high priority for the university. “We will continue to advocate for a lot of the changes that are proposed within the Our Turn plan,” Sutherland said.

Sutherland said she believes the difference between the congress and the task force comes down to approaching the issue with “a different lens.” The congress will be more of an open-floor discussion, Sutherland said, where there will be no restrictions on who can provide input or ideas.

“In the same way that the task force was struck in response to the allegations, […] this congress is in response to what is going on,” Sutherland said. “But it’s not a case of checking a box. It’s to open a wider discussion that could lead to a number of different policy changes and actions.”

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