Rap Battle Against Consumerism News Feature


On Wednesday March 29th, the latest edition of Rap Battles for Social Justice hit the stage at Le Belmont on St. Laurent Boulevard.

In this edition, 33 performers took to the stage to voice their opinions on the issue of consumerism. The hosting duties were held by Dan Parker, a perennial fixture and co-founder, and Shem G,  one of the performers. With Concordia’s Student Union just wrapping up their anti-consumerism week earlier this month, this event comes in a timely manner.


This was the first time in the group’s eight performances that they had an almost equal amount of French and English speaking artists. The men and women who decided to come together were a mix of rap veterans like Montreal’s Taigenz, and amateurs just looking to have themselves heard.

With the Urban Science band backing the rappers and spoken word artists, each song and battle were accompanied with funky, hard hitting instrumentals. Keyboard and saxophone solos gave the performances texture and another layer of substance on top of focused and creative lyricism.


This was head organizer and co-founder Dan Parker’s second last event. He will be moving all the way across the country to continue his work as a teacher. However, he, and everyone else involved, hope that the event can continue and grow stronger.


The next Rap Battle for Social Justice will discuss the issue of Migrant Justice on April 5th at the CSU Lounge in the Hall Building Downtown. 

All photos credit to Elisa Barbier

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