Interview with Mike Savatovsky

Mike Savatovsky is the founder of the charity “Mike’s Goal”, which helps raise funds for the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation. In November of 2015, Mike wanted to help raise money in honour of the doctor who helped save his life. He approached Dr. Blair Whittemore about working together to raise money so that medical professionals could have the best training and equipment possible to help save the lives of others, the same way Mike’s life was saved.

Being diagnosed at the age of 21 with Hogdkin’s Lymphoma, Mike was forced to slow down his work load at the Journalism program at Concordia University. Beating the cancer gave Mike a new perspective on life, and opened his eyes to his own mortality.

Learning to play hockey has been a lifelong dream of Mike’s, and on the anniversary of his 20th year being cancer free in 2015, he decided to finally get on the ice. He trains up to four times a week, and through his love of hockey, runs charity games and tournaments.

Mike has worked hand in hand with some of Montreal’s most well known hockey personalities, such as former player Chris Nilan and Mitch Melnick from TSN690.

Through the charity, Mike has managed to raise almost $16,000, and hopes that a outdoor game next week will help him reach his goal of 20,000$, in honor of his 20 years cancer free.

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